Domain Names for the New Internet

How it Works

  • You can choose a domain name (non-premium) on any Radix TLD of your choice
  • The name will be registered for 10 years and renewed for free throughout your tenure at Radix. Please refer to the steps here
  • If you move out of the company, the domain name will still be active and renewed for a maximum of 10 years

What can I do with my domain name?

Domain Forwarding

If you already own a website, you can move it on your new Radix domain or simply redirect your new domain name to your existing website

Vanity URL for Social Media Sites

Setup your domain name to forward to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media pages

Personal Landing Page

Create a page to promote your social media links, share photos or showcase your portfolio. You can choose from these templates available on Linkkle or BigRock

Branded Email

Use your free email address to create forwards and automatically redirect them to existing email accounts (Gmail, Personal email, etc.)

How do I redeem my free domain name?

Search for your desired domain name on any Radix TLD

From the list of available domain names, select any one on the TLD of your choice

Change the duration to 10 years and proceed to checkout

On the checkout page, generate your unique coupon code (with Radix email validation)

Apply your unique coupon code to avail your domain name for free

Create a new customer account or sign in with your existing one to complete the registration process

Frequently asked questions

  1. Head over to -
  2. Use the email ID and password you used to create an account on to login to the control panel and manage your domain name(s)
  3. If you require more information, you can check this out:
In order to set up your website, contact your hosting or blog provider and add your name servers or A record with the domain name.
Download this document for a brief about how to
You can redirect your website using the 'Domain Forwarding' service. Steps:

  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name and proceed to the Domain Forwarding Service interface.
  2. Click the Manage Domain Forwarding link. This will bring up the Domain Forwarding Management interface.
  3. The Domain Forwarding Service gets activated, when you click the Manage Domain Forwarding link for the first time.
  4. Enter the Destination URL in the text box provided. Click on save.
Here are the steps to add name servers / change nameservers of your domain name:

  1. Login to your Control Panel.
  2. Search for the domain and proceed to the Order Information view.
  3. Click the Name Servers link.
  4. Enter at least 2 Name Servers and click Update name servers.
Please feel free to chat with our support at